playlist del Comò

La playlist del comò: “Everybody wants to love you”

Can I get your number? Can I get you into bed? Will you lend me your toothbrush? Will you make

Slow motion Phox

La playlist del Comò: Slow motion

Everything I do, I do in slow motion  I don’t know what to say  Everywhere I fall, don’t know name


La playlist del Comò: My body’s made of crushed little stars

I’m not doing anything I’m not doing anything My body’s made of crushed little stars And I’m not doing anything I

La playlist del Comò: Happy

Don’t go out much at all I’ve never been the type to call I realize to be happy  Maybe I

La playlist del Comò: California

California You only like me when you think I’m looking sad California I didn’t think you’d end up treating me

La playlist del Comò: I’m only sleeping

Everybody seems to think I’m lazy I don’t mind, I think they’re crazy Running everywhere at such a speed Till